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Apartments, Etc. has been in the relocation business since 1983. In these 23 years, we have successfully assisted over 200,000 people find their little piece of heaven in Colorado Springs. Each of our counselors has at least 15 years in the apartment industry and have lived in Colorado Springs for at least 25 years.

Using an apartment locator is a sanity saving way to find your next apartment. With the technology boom over the last decade, potential renters can be overwhelmed with inaccurate information. Although the internet is certainly an invaluable asset many clients tell us how frustrated they have become by misleading and outdated information. Apartments Etc. works in real time so our information is always up to the minute.

How are we so successful? We have a wide variety of apartment communities, from affordable to luxury that we are in contact with on an almost daily basis. Our team takes the time to visit the properties personally to see what they have to offer so we can pass on our knowledge to you. We make every effort to listen to you, the renter, and custom tailor a search on your behalf, only concentrating on the properties that will best suit YOUR needs. Apartments Etc. knows rent specials sooner than web sites that are only updated once a month. We know who can best fit any special needs, such as garages, pet friendly communities, Section 8/Housing communities, amenities and which communities will work with credit challenged residents.

Apartments Etc. is a totally free service to you. Your home is too important to leave to a book or a computer. What could take you days will take us just minutes. Whether youre a newcomer to Colorado Springs or just looking for a new adventure, let the pros at Apartments Etc. do the work for you. Our service is FREE, FAST, CONVENIENT AND FRIENDLY.
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