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Our Mission
It is our mission to empower you throughout the entire treatment plan process. We will help you identify your mechanical issues, educate you about those issues, explain recommended treatment options, identify your chosen treatment plan, and support you throughout your treatment as an integral member of your healthcare team.
We are the leaders in personal injury. We educate attorneys and patients alike. No one teaches or keeps records like us.
Our Philosophy
Over thirty seven years of practice has revealed one inevitable truth: spinal health impacts nerve function. When nerves aren’t functioning properly, disease and dysfunction can follow. Chiropractors Colorado Springs can help almost all people, despite injury or age, achieve better spine health for improved nerve function.
First, we must rule out fracture, infection or lesions, but a majority of the population has pain that is derived from mechanical dysfunction. Chiropractic care specifically addresses this mechanical dysfunction and can reduce many types of pain without the use of drugs, which is especially important when observing the current opioid epidemic.
Dr. Ron Salvaggione’s Story
When Ron Salvaggione, our practicing chiropractor, was 16 years old he dove into a pool of water and hit his head. After 2 years of trying every treatment available, he was still having headaches. A friend finally took him to a chiropractor. After less than a month of treatment, the headaches were better. The reason for this marked improvement in his quality of life was that the symptoms of his pain were coming from his neck, which no other doctor had treated.
Ron Salvaggione graduated in 1980 with a degree in Chiropractic at the St Louis Missouri Logan College of Chiropractic. He also has degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine in Biomedical Sciences. Check out his entire CV here.
We apply one simple principle in treating our patients: the body can heal itself. After 37 years of applying that principle, Ron has discovered there is only side effect to his treatment of his patients:
People get healthy.
Why choose CSSI?
We care first & foremost about helping you feel your best by finding the root cause in order to customize a treatment plan that works for you.
We are the experts in both wellness and healing post-injury. Dr. Ron stays current latest research and continuing education opportunities. His advanced training certifies him to provide medical assessments that are admissible in court. We know how to get you on the recovery and will also refer you to our network of medical specialists when appropriate.
We are well versed at working with attorneys to seamlessly provide care, necessary documentation, resolution to diagnostic dilemmas and timely updates. We also accept lawyer liens and other financing options.
Take your health to the next level
Our passion & 100% absorption in the practice & principles of the chiropractic profession takes your health to the next level. People need help getting healthy more than ever. We study harder than ever to keep up. We have 37+ years of experience in the field of chiropractic and we still make progress every day.
Some additional reasons to choose us:
Each one of our patients is seen within ten minutes.
Our friendly staff treats people like family.
The Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic office is professional and comfortable.
Our office is conveniently located off I-25 & Woodmen.
We offer in-house second opinions.
In-house physical therapists & massage therapists.
We accept almost any insurance; don’t worry about the paperwork. Our specialist will handle that for you!
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