Monster Motors Hot Rod Garage

Monster Motors Hot Rod Garage
3320 Capital Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80939
United States


Mission Statement
Monster Motors HRG is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish a supportive community for Veterans, First Responders and friends through the design, restoration and modification of classic automobiles and hot rods.

Along with meetups and car shows, our organization provides a safe, inclusive and well equipped garage for the use of our Veteran and First Responder community and their supporters. Additionally we offer certified training for Veterans and First Responders to transition into new careers.

Veterans, First Responders and friends coming together to build
classic custom cars and hot rods in the old school tradition.

1. Monster Motors HRG will strive to provide a safe, well
equipped facility to build a supportive community through
the restoration, building and maintaining of classic cars and Hot Rods.

2. Monster Motors HRG will sponsor technical training for our
members utilizing volunteers with expertise in automotive specialties.

3. Monster Motors HRG will invite participation by community
groups such as trade schools and public school auto classes
to foster a cross generational love of the Hot Rod culture.

4. Monster Motors HRG will maintain a reference library of
printed and electronic/internet access to support our users efforts.

5. Monster Motors HRG will assist other organizations in the
administration and staging of car shows for charitable benefits.
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