Restoring Lives Counseling Project Jeff Mowery

Restoring Lives Project
1802 Chapel Hills Dr, Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
United States

Are you functioning well in most areas of life, but there just seems to be an area that keeps weighing you down? Maybe it's unhelpful relationship patterns? Perhaps you don't feel good enough? A counterfeit in your own world. Maybe you're a caretaker; you have a chronic illness; or you've experienced some other kind of catostrophic loss. Possibly the burden is caused by unresolved grief, shame, severe anxiety, or addictions. Whatever the cause, for awhile now you've felt unheard...mistreated...disrespected even. "Does anybody care?," you think. Who do I sort through all this with?
You deserve a safe place to be understood and totally accepted. Perhaps you've never been understood or accepted for who you really are. It would be my honor and privilege to walk alongside you as, together, we discover what genuine self-acceptance looks and feels like for you.
I remember the distress, agony even of revealing to someone my deepest wounds and my most shameful acts. Remembering my own uneasiness, I will gently guide you along this seemingly unclear journey. Together we will unwrap your new, more joyous future. To learn more about me visit
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