Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence for Teens Workshop

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Huntington Learning Center
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Brand Ascension, LLC, renowned for their expertise in personal branding and business brand clarity, is excited to announce their latest initiative aimed at empowering teenagers age 13-19 with the ‘Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence for Teens’ workshop.
In today's complex world, teenagers face immense pressure to fit in and navigate the clarity of their own identities. Recognizing this, Brand Ascension has reconfigured their Personal Brand DNA methodology designed for solo-professionals and developed a specialized in-person workshop tailored to enable teens to realize their individual qualities, boost self-esteem and develop a strong sense of self-worth.
The in-person workshop, which comprises four 90-minute sessions over four days, focuses on uncovering their own core values, personal style, and differentiators while establishing a personal brand mantra, and ‘why’ statement. Through collaborative and experiential activities, teen participants will realize their true value, take ownership of their uniqueness, and begin making key decisions that are in alignment with their authentic self.
The 'Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence for Teens' workshop offers a comprehensive approach to personal branding for teens including the following life skills:
• Increase Self-Agency: Teens will gain clarity about their unique strengths, values, and personality styles, enabling them to confidently express their worth in various social situations.
• Become Internally Driven: By understanding their core values and embracing their differences, teens will become less influenced by external factors and more empowered to stand in their authentic power.
• Support Confident Decision-Making: Participants will learn to make decisions aligned with their personal brand attributes, building confidence and trust in their choices.
• Value Uniqueness: Teens will appreciate their differences and identify their unique qualities, enabling them to attract desired opportunities.
• Define Authenticity: Through clarifying their personal brand values and style attributes, teens will align to their authentic self and create meaningful connections and experiences.
• Boost Confidence: With newfound self-assurance, participants will navigate challenges with resilience and unwavering self-worth.

Enrollment is open until June 15, 2024. The introductory rate for the workshop is just $397, inclusive of all learning materials.
For more information and enrollment, visit https://brandascension.com/page/teens-personal-brand-presence-enroll.
About Brand Ascension, LLC:
Brand Ascension, LLC is a leading authority in personal brand clarity and business Brand DNA, dedicated to helping businesses and solo-professionals realize their full potential by identifying, defining, and aligning to who they want to become known for. Led by Suzanne Tulien, the company offers workshops, coaching programs and resources designed to be more conscious, strategic, and deliberate in staying ‘on-brand’ and delivering your promise.
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