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Hannah Ayersman Fitness
1626 Cheyenne Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States

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Hi everyone! I'm a personal trainer dedicated to helping clients reach their happiest AND healthiest selves. I specialize in adults who have tried losing fat, gaining muscle, and changing their mindset to make health a sustainable aspect of their life, but have failed on their own. In gyms I have worked in, I saw a lot of clients have to turn away their health due to finances. I don't think this should ever be the case. I'm not in the money business, I'm in the building more LIFE business. I created my online coaching as an affordable alternative to traditional personal training, which can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a week, for few hours of interaction. Online coaching includes:

- An in depth initial interview to learn your fitness goals & what has worked/hasn't worked for you in the past
- 4 weeks of workout guides completely personalized. 100% personalized to your goals and schedule.
- A 4 week self development course to change self defeating beliefs and get you to a more comfortable and confident YOU
- Weekly emails filled with informative and motivational content
- Full email/text access to me
- Weekly in depth check ins with me to discuss how workouts are going, what you did/didn't like, etc.
- Option to add a full meal plans created by a registered dietitian (Sent to you in an app that also generates you a grocery list, taking the work out of nutrition.)
- And TONS of other freebies. (workbooks, free workouts, information, etc)

If you've tried losing weight or gaining muscle in the past with little results, have on more than one occasion felt down on yourself for your appearance, online coaching is for you! The above images are women who have just completed TWO months of my online coaching.
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