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Olympic City SEO
3006 Oro Blanco Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
United States

Olympic City SEO was founded in 2019 by Jack Kim & Martin McCarthy. The company was started when Jack & Martin took their combined knowledge of over 7+ years in the industry and opened up a local SEO agency dedicated to helping awesome businesses take their business to the next level with their combined online marketing efforts.

Today, we are online marketing nerds who enjoy learning the science behind Google's search engine and obsessed with figuring out how to make webpages rank higher. After all, it comes down to being the best at what you do, and google's search engine clearly displays who that is.

Over the years leading up to OCS, our obsession to the craft helped launch successful campaigns over and over again, and we built a track record of success with many happy clients ranking on the first page. The industries ranged from local window tint shops, to real estate, to cryotherapy, ecommerce, national insurance agencies, dentists, car dealerships, & more.

In fact, our process has become more refined as we continue to stand by our core mission to work hard, have integrity, innovate, and provide results.

If you'd like to work with us, feel free to reach out here and we'd be happy to schedule a 1:1 consultation to go over your website and SEO and if we'd be able to help.