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Hardwood Floors of Distinction Since 1984
HomerWood Hardwood Flooring Company is the original manufacturer of the trademarked, Character Grade high quality specialty plank flooring. Our specialty hardwood flooring is found in a variety of homes and buildings - from vacation homes and luxurious custom designed homes to office complexes and retail stores.

HomerWood flooring products cater to the high end custom luxury home builder and the consumer who seeks uniqueness and individuality. Manufactured using only premium lumber, our flooring offers the uniqueness and distinction our customers desire. In fact, no two HomerWood floors are ever the same!

Our employees take great pride in production, from the delivery of raw material through the manufacturing, service and shipping of our products. Every employee adds a personal touch of character to each plank.

HomerWood was founded in 1984 and is located in Titusville, Pa, situated in the heart of the Appalachian Mountain region. The plant originally made architectural moldings and hardwood flooring, employing just 4 people. In June of 1991, a fire destroyed the original HomerWood building and all equipment, tooling and inventory were lost. As a direct result of the devastating fire, HomerWood reevaluated the focus of the company and decided to rebuild the plant, not just to manufacture flooring, but to make a product that was different from the traditional grades of flooring that were common in most homes.

In 2004, HomerWood enlisted the help of local Amish artisans to hand-scrape our Character Grade flooring products, after realizing that the Amish had a natural talent for styling and crafting the individual planks. The Amish started by working out of an Amish barn located about half an hour from the flooring plant, but with no power or lights, the work was challenging to say the least. When winter arrived, light in the barn was too dim, and quality control and moisture became concerns. To ensure the continued quality of our product line, the Amish crew agreed to move the scraping operation to our plant, which provided a better environment overall. Now, free from concerns about lighting and moisture, our Amish craftsmen can concentrate on their art. As each plank is completed it is signed on the back by the craftsman who created it.

In 2007, HomerWood added an Engineered Collection to its product offerings. This new collection of Character Grade and Amish Hand-Scraped floors can be installed on any level of the home and is available with the same distinctive styling and craftsmanship as HomerWood's much admired solid floor collection. This premium collection not only goes into the home... but throughout the house.
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