Amada Senior Care Colorado Springs

Amada Senior Care Colorado Springs
1824 Woodmoor Dr Ste 203
Colorado Springs, CO 80132
United States

Monday - Sunday 8am - 6pm

Amada Senior Care has been in the business, providing service to our Clients in Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo. At Amada we excel at making simple, everyday tasks something special.

We specialize in making the perfect match with the client and the caregiver. Amada caregivers not only take care of daily essentials like cooking and cleaning, they also go above and beyond to find out what makes our clients smile.

Amada is as much about connecting and caring for seniors as we are about performing the required daily routines.

Of course Amada caregivers are trained to provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like:
• Bathing
• Dressing
• Meal preparation/feeding
• Medication reminders
• Walking/ambulating/exercise assistance
• Light housekeeping
• Errands/shopping
• Toileting
• Most non-medical assistance
Amada offers Assisted Living Placement Services
Assisted living communities are designed to provide help for residents with basic ADLs. Some states also allow assisted living to offer medication assistance and/or reminders. Unlike nursing homes, assisted living communities do not offer complex medical services.
Every senior has unique care needs and preferences. Amada is able to help families who are looking for assisted living communities to narrow down their options based on care needs, budget, location, and the type of living environment preferred.
Amada can advise families on how to pay for assisted living and in home care through our expertise and experience in long term care insurance, veterans’ programs, and other non-traditional payment options.
Amada’s senior housing and assisted living services are free to our clients. By offering care giving and placement services, we are able to help seniors find the living arrangement that suits them best.
Amada has relationships with hundreds of local senior care communities and specializes in referring to the following types of facilities:
• Assisted living facilities
• Large and small facilities
• Independent living facilities
• Board and care homes
• Adult family homes
• Senior care homes
• Skilled nursing facilities
• Alzheimer/dementia facilities
At Amada we understand that caring for relatives can be rewarding but also stressful, time consuming and emotionally exhausting. It is difficult for families to juggle work, children and other obligations and still find time to properly care for an aging parent. Amada takes care of the caregiving so you can become just a son or daughter again.
Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives by providing nurturing, compassionate non-medical in home care and by guiding families through the many senior housing options available for assisted living and care homes . Healthcare professionals and families look to Amada to help them navigate the complexities of the senior care system.
Amada Senior Care is looking for GREAT caregivers that are up to the challenge of meeting our high standards of care. What do we look for in our caregivers? We call it our 5 Cs of being a great caregiver.
• Amada caregivers speak clearly, listen well, and are experts at non-verbal communication through facial expressions, gesture, eye contact, positive body language and touch.
• Amada caregivers feel it is their calling in life to be a caregiver, not just a job.
• Our caregivers show genuine kindness and concern for others and look to fulfill our clients’ emotional as well as physical needs.
• Our caregivers have confidence in their own skills and training.
• They have confidence in the strength, support and efficiency of Amada.
• They greet you with a firm handshake and have the confidence to calmly yet kindly deal with even the most reluctant client.
• Our caregivers possess the knowledge, experience and training necessary to provide exceptional care.
• They can be trusted to carry out delicate activities like bathing, dressing, toileting and a multitude of other tasks with tact and respect.
• They have common sense in abundance and are able to make quick decisions and problem solve.
• They understand the implications of physical or mood changes in their clients and know how to take appropriate action.
• Our caregivers build strong, trusting relationships with our clients.
• Our caregivers enhance quality of life by creating meaningful connections.
• Our caregivers proactively look for ways to find common ground through their own experiences.
• Of all the Cs, the power to connect is the most crucial.
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