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Have you thought about taking your life because that seems easier than facing another day? Or maybe you have found yourself thinking about ways that you can self-harm? If you find yourself saying “yes” or nodding, these are scary emotions, thoughts, and feelings you are experiencing. It is hard enough to admit that you have these experiences, let alone find someone you trust enough to say it aloud.

As a Licensed Professional Counseling Candidate, my goal is to help you discover mental health resources, build your support system, and re-discover your sources of happiness, all while keeping you out of inpatient care. As your online counselor, I will help you live a life where you experience joy without feeling like your emotions are constantly beating you down. We can discuss the difficulties in life you’re facing and come up with solutions to help you overcome them. Soon, you will feel empowered to take your healing into your hands and begin to integrate the solutions we discuss.

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