Newly-Formed Civic Organization Seeks Unity in a Time of Divide

Ryan Barry

Many progressives and moderates around the country are still in a collective state of shock over the fact that Donald Trump managed to pull off one of the most stunning electoral upsets in US history, and cracks are already beginning to emerge in the movement to oppose his presidency. But a new, locally-based civic organization, Unite Colorado Springs, seeks to overcome these divides and unite the progressive and moderate community in the Pikes Peak region.

Throughout its history, Republicans and other reactionary forces have dominated the political narrative in the Pikes Peak region, but Unite Colorado Springs seeks to finally give a voice to the progressive and moderate community which is often drowned out by those reactionary voices.

As part of its commitment to unity and direct community engagement, Unite Colorado Springs will be holding a community forum and discussion to begin laying the groundwork for a cohesive, unified force with the capacity, will, and organization to take on the deeply-entrenched reactionary establishment in the region. The event is titled “President-Elect Donald Trump: Where Do We Go from Here?” and will be held December 3rd, 12pm-2pm, at the Penrose Library in the Carnegie Reading room. Guest speakers will include former candidate for County Commissioner, Electra Johnson, and Executive Director of the El Paso Democratic Party, Liz Hershberger.

The event description says, in part “This work will not be easy. This work will not be without risk. But if progressives and moderates in Colorado Springs finally come together to devise a consistent, unified strategy to improve the region, there is nothing we can’t do together.”

So, if you’re a progressive or moderate in the Pikes Peak region and are ready to make positive change in our beloved community, please consider joining Unite Colorado Springs on December 3rd.

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