Beyond Milestone Counseling

Beyond Milestone Counseling
5729 Constitution Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
United States

Beyond Milestones Counseling is about:

GROWTH, which is a continuing process of life. At different times during this process there are pronounced changes that are created specifically by the client, and at other times, changes happen automatically through integration.
PROCESS, we believe that once the process of personal change has begun, it will continue with no turning back.
CHANGE occurs when a person understands how to control ones own life and destiny by accepting responsibility for his/her actions.
ADVENTURE/TRANSFORMATION, Once the adventure of awareness of self occurs, life becomes more fulfilling and exciting, and the desire for growth continues. After transformation has occurred, a new and beautiful life begins.
Beyond Milestones Counseling strives to enable our clients to work on their process with::

complete support
unconditional acceptance
along with providing tools to help with the process.
Beyond Milestones teaches a person that the unconscious contains unfinished business with the family of origin, which must be explored, brought to conscious awareness, and addressed in order for a person to grow and become whole. When beliefs, value systems, behaviors, identity capabilities and strategies change, then relationship to ones spirituality is created.