Certified DNA / Toxicology Lab Testing - DNA, Toxins, Drugs, Poisons, Heavy Metals, Unknowns.

The Carlson Company LLC
6660 Delmonico Dr. Ste.D-425
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
United States


We offer certified lab testing to establish the presence of toxins and poisons. DNA testing related to paternity, relationship, post mortem tissue, cremains, DNA identity. E-Z test sample submission by mail. Your test sample may be hair strands, blood, finger nails, nail shavings, urine, food or drink items, pet food, blood, perspiration, an unknown. Fast turnaround time, 10-12 business days average with express service available.
Denny Seilheimer
6660 Delmonico Dr. Ste.D-425
Colorado Springs CO 80919
United States
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