Concrete Castles

Concrete Castles, LLC
Florissant, CO 80816
United States

New concrete includes concrete structures such as storm shelters, safe rooms (interior/exterior), concrete homes and subterranean homes. In most cases, building with concrete is only a few dollars more per square foot as building with wood. In many cases, concrete can protect both life and interior property.

Repair/restoration includes decorative, flatwork and walls. We use all of the latest products available on the market. These products include acrylic modified cement products (for vertical/horizontal and overhead repairs) and epoxy repair compounds.

Additional Services (include but not limited to)
• Storm Shelters/Storm proof homes/Safe rooms
• Masonry repair and restoration
• Decorative services including overlay and repair
• Subterranean Homes
• Horizontal and vertical decorative overlay
• Concrete homes and construction
• Concrete consultation
• Concrete repair and restoration
• Concrete Maintenance Packages
• Excavation
• Exterior landscaping and kitchens
• Flatwork
• Commercial and residential Foundations
• Interior bathrooms, counter tops, fireplace surrounds
• Surface repair and restoration
• Tilt Up Structures
• Waterproofing
• Anchoring
• Coring
• Tear out and replace
• Cut out and repair
• Saw cutting
• Doweling
• Custom rebar fabrication
• Rebar layout and placement
• Labor only quotes and hourly rates available(4 hour minimum)

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