DanceArt Academy

DanceArt Academy
13866 Gleneagle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
United States

DanceArt Academy was created to provide a welcoming atmosphere to students of all levels. Encouragement is key for children to grow and thrive. At DanceArt Academy, our mission is to thoroughly and professionally train each individual in dance as well as other performing arts. We believe everyone should be given a chance to dance. We strive for excellence in all areas and through encouragement, joy, inspiration and celebration, beautiful artists emerge.
DanceArt Academy is a dance studio located in Northern Colorado Springs. The studio began with a few home-school students looking for something a little bit different. It quickly expanded to more than just a few home-school students. The little ones at age 2 are delighted and enchanted in watching the 16 year old students en pointe. In 2012, we stepped into the lights of the Colorado Dance arena with much hope and trust that we can provide an educational and enjoyable experience for all who wish to explore the world of dance! We have something to offer everyone, from the 2 year old who just wants to spin, to the Pre-Professional aspiring dancer who wants to be challenged in the studio everyday. We have a well-rounded, professional staff ready to teach, inspire and encourage the dancer in your life. Come, experience DanceArt Academy and be one of our Shining Stars! We look forward to cheering you on!
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