Division One Construction - Residential and Commercial Construction in Denver, Colorado

Division One Construction
2352 Dayton St.
Aurora, CO 80010
United States

Division One provides a single, responsive point of contact throughout the entire home building project and collaborates seamlessly with you and your architect to realize your vision. Our clients know where to go with questions, concerns, changes, and progress reports—and get definitive answers. From initial site and blueprint reviews to pouring the foundation, framing, and installing mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, cabinetry, windows, and flooring, Division One is a reliable home building partner every step of the way.

What You Can Expect From Division One

- Unparalleled client focus, responsiveness, and project management
- Proactive consultation and collaboration with you and your architect at every stage
- Expert team of professional builders and site supervisors
- Detailed and realistic initial estimate and ongoing cost management
- No change orders that aren’t necessitated by factors unforeseeable at the start of construction and agreed
upon in consultation with you
- Detailed construction timeline
- Weekly, on-site owner-architect-contractor meetings to keep you informed on every aspect of construction

Division One has a team of experienced and professional carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanical systems experts, dry-wallers, tile setters, and others with whom we’ve worked for years. A dedicated and highly experienced supervisor is on site with members of this team every day to ensure that your home is built to the highest standards, on time and within budget. If challenges arise, Division 1 is always there to work with you and provide cost-effective solutions: your satisfaction—and our reputation—depend on it.

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