FCT Water Treatment

1309 North 17th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
United States


Water is Life. There's no denying this universal fact but it should be altered to “Clean Water Is Life”, because water drawn from natural sources is not safe either for human consumption or industrial use unless it is mechanically and chemically treated by innovative and visionary water management company such as FCT Water Treatment. Found in 2003, this ISO 9001:2008 company is putting in all sincere efforts to provide custom water treatment solutions to Northern Colorado and Rocky Mountain region. FCT started with manufacturing of precipitants, coagulants, and flocculants to the plating industry, and gradually entered into boiler water and cooling tower chemistries. It is the result of mixing its core values of innovative products with unparalleled customer service and expertise that is has witnessed an astonishing growth rate of 500% in the last decade. Today, FCT has added the ability to service deionization bottles and operating the largest regeneration plant in Northern Colorado. They indeed are your go-to people for any of your water needs.
Abraham Smith

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