Great Storm Brewing

204 Mount View Ln, Suite 3
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
United States
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Just like you, we love beer. We've been making beer for many years now and wanted to share our love of beer with as many people as we could. With that in mind, we founded Great Storm Brewing in 2010, and opened our doors and our taps to the public in March 2012.

Our name? Well, for us, there's a lot of anticipation in tasting a new beer. The way the foam settles in a glass of dark stout, or the raining effect you can see in a pint of IPA served on nitro... they remind us sometimes of the expectant feeling we get watching powerful storms roll in over the mountains in our home town of Colorado Springs. Yes, we tend to wax poetic over a pint glass. I told you we love beer. But anyway, that was part of the inspiration. The other part was our beloved half Husky, half Aussie brewdog, Storm. He's a little... wild. Like our beers.

We hope you'll find the same passion for drinking our beers as we do for making them. Come in and see us, we'll be pleased to pour you a pint.

And maybe wax a little poetic about it.

At Great Storm Brewing, we strive to take classic styles and add a new twist to make our beers unique, interesting and, of course, delicious.

Yeah, there are crazy brewers out there adding foie gras, truffle oil and saffron to their beers. While we may applaud their expansion of the beer frontier, that's not us. That's nothing you want to drink a six-pack of with friends on a Saturday night.

Then there are those brewers with the traditional wheat-blonde-amber-stout line-up. That's not us either. You've been there before.

We're interested in tasty but perhaps overlooked styles. Something we can modernize, update, add a little zing to... something that's different, but drinkable. It's not easy. No one said it was going to be clear skies. But you get the picture.

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