IV Hydration Nurse with Rocky Mountain IV Medics

Rocky Mountain IV Medics
Colorado Springs, CO
United States

Welcome! My name is Catlin and I serve Colorado Springs and the surrounding area as a mobile IV hydration nurse for Rocky Mountain IV Medics👩🏽‍⚕️ 💉. What is IV hydration? Great question! IV hydration is a safe and effective way to get the vitamins and medications you need for a quick recovery from illness or exertion. Intravenous delivery facilitates rapid absorption and re-hydration, making it ideal for treating those lingering ailments you want to end as soon as possible. I am dedicated to do everything I can to help you feel better, regardless of your symptom! I also offer IM shots and COVID testing with results in less than 15 minutes!

A little about me...I have been a nurse for 8 years! Most of my nursing has been in the emergency department. I am an Army wife and have two beautiful children. I look forward to meeting you and making you feel better!
Catlin Barnes

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