Karate for Kids and Families in Colorado Springs

Community Karate and Fitness
5631 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

A locally-owned, professional karate school where healthy people spend time together in a positive and encouraging environment. Community Karate and Fitness was founded in 2006, by Deb Cupples, a 20+ year resident of Colorado Springs who discovered that discerning families needed a better choice for their martial arts training.
We focus on the individual student by setting goals and working step-by-step to achieve them. We acknowledge physical and mental limitations and develop a plan for advancing towards your next belt rank at Community Karate and Fitness. We know that it takes time to make progress; we teach with patience and good guidance.
Students at our dojo will learn how to live safer lives and will become more physically fit. Training in martial arts improves balance and coordination which benefits you in all areas of life, not just on the karate mat.
We teach “katas” in our martial arts program. Katas are specific karate moves put together in sequence in a particular pattern. If you have never seen a kata before, think ice skating or dance routines, but with karate moves. Kata requires concentration, repetition and determination; these aspects of training will bring better success in all areas of life.
Community Karate and Fitness is the best choice for selective families who want the best martial arts training for their investment of money and time. We know that there are a lot of choices for karate classes in Colorado Springs; we truly believe that there is a great karate school for everyone.
We look forward to welcoming you to a class at our school. Come in and experience “The Nice Karate School” for yourself. Call or text us at: 719-209-8277 to set up a free introductory class.

Debra Cupples

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