LaborBusiness is Colorado's affordable direct hire staffing agency!

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LaborBusiness is Colorado's affordable direct hire staffing agency!

LaborBusiness is offering direct hire staffing solutions in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora and greater Colorado for a fraction of the cost.Unlike a typical employment agency, we generate our clients organically and substantially increase quality. We work harder and get results quickly. We put the fast in staffing agency!
LaborBusiness - Staffing Made Easy
LaborBusiness is innovating the staffing industry in Colorado!

LaborBusiness was designed to cut out expensive overhead that a typical staffing agency has and pass on the savings to the businesses that we earn staffing partnerships with. LaborBusiness simplified the process of a typical employment agency and lowered cost to consumer by specializing specifically in direct hire staffing and reducing cost by eliminating unnecessary overhead. LaborBusiness organically generates our clients. Because of our innovative business model, LaborBusiness is able to charge less than half of what our competition charges, as well as provide a more personalized approach to finding the right candidate. We are proudly serving Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and beyond.
How did LaborBusiness get staffing costs so low?

LaborBusiness, a premium staffing agency, is able to provide better employees at a lower cost by eliminating unnecessary overhead such as commercial offices, franchise fees, and unproductive business practices that a typical employment agency operates. LaborBusiness only contracts direct hire staffing solutions so we are able to specialize in one specific sector. During the time of the great resignation, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Aurora businesses are struggling to find quality employees. The internet has taken over the job search and monopolized it. We use organic sources to generate our candidates, interview them, and match them with staffing partners based on their specific needs.
Staffing solutions starting at $1499 per hire!

LaborBusiness is dedicated to serving greater Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Denver businesses at a lower cost with higher quality prospects! By organically generating each candidate and business, we increase quality and we are able to customize needs. Direct hire staffing is the best way to retain an employee and lower hiring costs. A typical employment agency is charging on the upwards of 25% or more of annual salary for a direct-hire contract. This is because a typical staffing agency wants you to sign up for expensive temp to hire services. Our direct hire pricing starts at $1499 or 5% of annual salary.
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