Lanette's Medical Massage, LLC

2130 Vickers Dr Suite 123
Colo. Springs, CO 80918
United States


I offer skilled, intuitive massage. I also strive to provide clients with enhanced healing, with long lasting relief from pain; and a deep state of relaxation during each session. Each massage that I give, is customized to your specific needs. I put my heart and soul into every massage you receive, thus making my sessions with you unique; based on what you need done that day.

Getting regular once a month massages at minimum, will help with your daily stress levels due to every day life. Regular massages also will help prevent other areas in your body becoming an issue, or at least keep things from getting worse if not fully better; than if you weren't getting massages at all. Massage is preventative health care. I challenge you to try once a month massages for 3 months, I guarantee you will feel the difference in your body physically, and emotionally!

I offer 60, 90 and 120 min sessions including:

Car Insurance Claims

Deep Tissue Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Hydrotherapy (Hot towel Treatment)

Prenatal Massage

Couples Massage



Sports Massage
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