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Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch
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A Note From Our Founder: Never before have we had such incredible opportunities for advancement in the healing arts. Imagine learning a career that will truly speak to you as well as help thousands along the way. Learning Somatic Trauma Release (STR) & Integrative Meridian Therapy (IMT) through Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch will allow you to ride the wave of what is only now beginning.

We are seeing a new dawn of care, understanding and acceptance of what other cultures have known for centuries on how people actually heal from trauma, injury and life's little or big mishaps. This wave of mainstream acceptance is just the beginning of where Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) will actually go in the very near future

I invite you to have a fulfilling, exciting & completely satisfying career as a bodyworker just as I have for the past 25+ years. As an instructor, practitioner and leader of the healing arts movement in the United States and abroad, my life has been greatly blessed.

Since 1992, ATIT has explained to clients, students & peers about the impact that injury, emotional and physical trauma has on the body and how they are inseparable. We have also been blessed to help many people along the way, over 5000 clients, with IMT & STR. Some were told they would never recover or thought they had no other options until they tried these two dynamic forms of therapy.

In those early twilight years of CAM, there were only a few of us that were moving alternative bodywork forward in our small communities and researching through case studies what it could do. It was a very lonely time for many of us as we sought to advance these studies and techniques forward knowing they worked, but not having the technological advances to prove it. In time, we did prove over and over again through case studies the efficacy and benefits of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. Now more than 80% of the United States seeks and utilizes some form of CAM on a yearly basis and the acceptance is growing.

My peers and I kept perservering in our beliefs, educating the public and overcoming misunderstandings to try and help our communities understand how healing these modalities were: one person, one profession and one organization at a time. We have come a long way. Over the past several decades of educating people in the Pikes Peak Region, I have been blessed to work with the military, D.A. victims advocates, police departments, state legislatures, doctors, other mainstream professions and organizations. They see the value and the validity of Advanced Bodywork and utilize these forms of therapy along with IMT & STR.

Our theories and beliefs are being validated over and over again with new advances in the actual ability to do research surrounding molecular science, physics and epigenetic studies. I can't wait to see what happens next! MIT & Universities across the globe are only now beginning to understand what alernative bodyworkers have been expressing for years based on old scripts, texts and personal understanding of the body. The future really is now and it's only the beginning of something incredible to come.

I invite you to become a graduate of ATIT that will change how we see, view, nurture and heal the world. One person at a time. Let it start with you.


Kim M. Green, Founder
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