La'au's Taco Shop

315 E Pikes Peak Ave Suite 100
Colo. Springs, CO 80903
United States

LA’AU’S taco shop integrates freshness, culture, and community. With this potent recipe, we provide nourishment for both body and mind of the health-oriented individual. Freshness is fundamental. You can taste it in our handmade tortillas, grilled to order, and in our spread of crisp produce. We pride ourselves in this simple and direct approach to nutrition.

Inspiration for our tacos is rooted in the cultural diversity of the Pacific Rim. Our sweet mango salsa exemplifies the flavors of Hawaii. Napa cabbage speaks of Chinese influence. From Indonesia we borrowed the green papaya slaw, and from Mexico, the humble cotija cheese. It’s like taking an international culinary tour, without leaving your town. And your town is our town.

At LA’AU’S we believe that commerce without a focus on community can become a short-lived endeavor. Partnerships with local entrepreneurs, artisans, educators, neighbors, non-profit groups, and environmental
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