CBA Blue Sox Baseball Club

Colorado Baseball Academy
3525 Akers Drive, Unit 140
Colorado Springs , CO 80922
United States

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CBA Mission:

Colorado Baseball Academy desires to form a group of highly competitive baseball teams from Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. The mission of CBA is to teach select players the fundamentals of the game of baseball, improve their skills, and instill attitudes of teamwork and sportsmanship. To those ends, CBA will strive to field the best teams in all age divisions in order to strongly compete at both the state and the national level. CBA will employ coaches demonstrating excellent coaching and leadership skills.

The CBA Program aspires to develop a player's skills through multi-year participation. Ideally, each year to the involvment builds upon the previous year to strengthen and elevate various skill levels.

CBA Goal:

Ultimately, our goal is to develop a participant to an ability level that creates the possibility of securing a College Scholarship to play at the next level. To further enhance a player's scholarship possibilities, the program also encourages academic excellence and character development.
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