Tai Chi Association

Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs
219 W. Colorado Ave Suite 310
Colo. Springs, CO 80903
United States

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Students here vary in ages between 13 to 90. Each student learns at his/her own pace in a relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere. People learn Tai Chi for a variety of reasons. Physicians are increasingly referring their patients to mind-body therapies such as Tai Chi & Meditation, and are finding real value in the many “proven health and rehabilitative benefits Tai Chi has to offer“ (Harvard Medical School). Some people come because of stress–related issues, and they learn that the relaxation techniques taught in Tai Chi can not only help them cope with daily stress, but also with stress related health problems, such as insomnia, high blood pressure, heart related issues, cancer, and pain — just to name a few. Still others are drawn to Tai Chi’s legendary Martial Arts training. Whatever the reason, Tai Chi has something to offer to everyone! In addition to a variety of on-site amenities, such as a beautiful downtown location in the historic Trestle Building with amazing views of Pikes Peak, we also offer a peaceful atmosphere with relaxing music and a kitchen-library rest area with healthy refreshments and a large selection of hot herbal teas served daily. The School also offers a variety of ongoing Workshops and an annual Tai Chi Mountain Retreat, as well as a Teacher Training and Instructor Certification Program.
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