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SEO and web design perfect for Colorado Springs businesses that need more leads, sales and profits. No contracts or large upfront fees. We only accept one business per category per city so we do not work for your competitors. Get a free quote.

So how is Pagecafe different?

We don't help your competition - We are 100% focused on our clients success so our ethical stance is to only work with one business per category per city or service area (i.e. one dentist, one plumber, one divorce attorney, one vinyl siding company, one fencing company, one criminal attorney, etc.).

Fast start - Time is money so we don't make you wait weeks or even months to get results. We implement the most beneficial tactics immediately so you start getting more leads as fast as possible.

Low overhead for better value - We don't have a large sales force or spend huge amounts of money on advertising. We use our own SEO skills and word of mouth to sustain our business.

Seasoned experts work your project - Ever since we opened for business in 1997 we've been the "hands-on" types. The owner and team leader - Allan Todd - will personally oversee your online marketing strategy, SEO and website design. (He has degrees in marketing and business, and 20+ years experience.)

Our SEO and website packages are optimized for Colorado Springs small business - We work with smart, locally-owned Colorado Springs business that understand the value of marketing. We don't work with the large brands but rather prefer to help the savvy small business owner compete with the large budgets of the big brands.

Here's what we are passionate about...

- Seeing your revenue grow due to your online presence

- Keeping customers for years because they are happy with their online results

- Seeing a smaller, locally owned business rank higher than the big brands in town

- Getting our customers to the top spots in Google, maps, directories, mobile and social media

- Seeing our customers get great reviews on social media

- Serving the Pikes Peak community by providing visibility to smaller, locally-owned, high quality businesses (i.e. yours).

Our core value - Marketing You Online

Marketing can be defined as "everything you do before you are personally interacting with your customer."

Once you are interacting - i.e. phone, email, face-to-face - we call that Selling aka Closing the Deal.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to attract a customer to you so you can then start selling to them.

By that definition SEO and your website are marketing tools and we are in the businesses of marketing you online.

Thankfully, we love getting deeply familiar with our clients, their business and their customers.

Why do we need to get to know you so deeply? Well because we need to understand....

- What your customers need (why they are searching for you)

- How your business satisfies their needs

- The features and benefits of your business that make you stand out from your competition.

Once we understand these items, we then weave this understanding into a web design and SEO strategy that gets results.

What to expect from us...

Results Oriented - Your online presence is built from ground up to get results, usually in the form of increased revenue for you.

Quick Action - We like to get moving quickly. We don't make you wait months to see results.

Less Hassle - We take the wheel of your online visibility and handle all the details, so you can focus on your business.

Lower Risk - Our unique approach and bundled SEO and website design services does not require expensive down-payments nor long delivery times which keeps your project on schedule and budget.

Comfortable Relationship - We often become friends with our clients because we understand their business and customers so well. You don't have to commit to a huge project so you can relax and ease into our alliance.

The bottom line

Since 1997 our expertise and unique approach has resulted in increased sales, business growth and improved customer engagement for hundreds of savvy businesses in Colorado Springs and across the country. We still have our first customer from 1997 who is located in Colorado Springs. Working with us means you can breath easier knowing your SEO and website are working hard for you.
Allan Todd
102 S Tejon St #1100
Colorado Springs CO 80903
United States
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