Lucky Dog Training Seminars

Lucky Dog Resort and Training School
4401 Mark Dabling
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
United States


These courses are for owners with specific questions about their dog's behavior. One time only courses.
These courses are for humans only. Please leave your lucky dog at home.

Courses are $20 per hour. (Most Courses are only 1 hour long)


House and Crate Training 101- This course will educate you about how to housetrain your dog as well as why your dog may be having housetraining issues. We use all positive training methods to address these issues. This is a fun and positive way to introduce your dog to a crate an how to use the crate correctly.

Annoying Habits 101 and 102 - This is a fun, educational way to learn why dogs do the crazy things they do. You will also learn how to live with bad habits without losing your mind. Habits will be addressed according to the issues.

Enrichment - Are you bored of going to the dog park? Tired of your usual walks? This course is designed to help you get more out of your relationship with your dog and strengthen your bond through leadership exercises. You will learn fun and creative ways to enrich your dog's life, including games and activities.

Kid Safety - This is a short course intended to include children. - Are you a school teacher? Do you have young children at home? Do you need someone else to speak with your children about dog safety and bite prevention? This class is meant to educate children about dog saftey. Talk to us about about coming into your child's classroom for this presentation!

More Courses coming soon, e-mail us with courses you would like to see!!
Contact: about any of these classes, or call 599-WOOF (9663)
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