Mighty Mutts

Mighty Mutts
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States

Ever heard a child ask for a puppy and promise to walk, feed and care for it every day? Of course they want to, but unless they are taught how to care for, exercise and keep their animals safe, they simply can’t succeed. MIGHTY MUTTS IS FOR THEM!
“Screen time” can be all consuming and it is sometimes the easiest way to keep children occupied and quiet, but “screen time” doesn’t create responsibility, compassion, or health. MIGHTY MUTTS IS FOR THEM!
Not everyone is outgoing and comfortable among peers. In extreme cases, this can lead to withdrawal and depression. A connection with animals can improve well-being, and in some cases, can literally save lives. MIGHTY MUTTS IS FOR THEM!
Mighty Mutts offers classes for Adults too!

Jeremiah Minner