Next Chapter: Time to Sell Your Family Home

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The last thing you want to hear about is how EVERYONE has to do the following 3, 5, and 10 things to sell their house for the most money.

Clearly, no one wants to mention everything you have to do to move your family from one home to another.

The reason you are moving is because the home that has been your refuge is getting too small for your tribe.

You have decluttered to the best of your abilities, but you have to save the baby stuff in case another precious one comes along.

You cannot get rid of the class work your kids have brought home and those boxes are taking up more space.

Your living room is turning into another play room because the kids’ rooms are too small to play together in there.

Your kitchen can’t hold all of the new grown up cookware you have had to buy to make healthy, wholesome dinners for the family.

The hassle of having to sell sounds like a nightmare. Random people coming into your home, touching your things, and leaving extremely harsh feedback because the house is so cluttered.

If you have kids that is one thing. Now let’s add getting the animals out of the house for the showings.

And what if people don’t show up for their appointments or show up late…

This is the selling process for a family. It is chaotic.

But it has to get done.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Although the process is going to disrupt your routine, taking the appropriate steps will minimize the impact.

You are embarking on an amazing journey and to see your achievements coming to fulfillment by upgrading your family home should be exciting and even more inspiring!

If this is something you have been thinking about but not sure how to get from Point A to Point B, please contact us to learn how we have streamlined this process and how we can get you from Point A to Point B.
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