The Black Bear

The Black Bear
10375 Ute Pass Road
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819
United States

Green Mountain Falls is a wonderful place that enjoys a seasonal surge of visitors in the summer when people travel from all over the world to visit Colorado, and in particular the Pikes Peak Region. We enjoy our glorious summers as much as the visitors do, and relish the excitement that visitors bring to our community.

We also take pride in our community and like to offer food that caters to all tastes. What many would consider the "off-season", we consider the normal season. And as such we cater to all tastes and the demographic diversity of our community.

So when you study our menu you will see a variety of food unlike anywhere else. If beef is your fancy, we offer a dynamite burger - or the finest Kobe beef! We cater to all members of our local and extended comunity to truly offer "Food for Everyone". The amazing thing is that the Black Bear actually makes this concept work.
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