The Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation

The Catalyst Campus for Technology & Innovation
555 East Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States

8 PM - 5 PM

Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (“Catalyst”) creates a collaborative ecosystem where industry, education, workforce development, entrepreneurs, start-ups and venture capital intersect with the diverse resources of downtown Colorado Springs to create community, attract partnerships and stimulate job growth. The Catalyst Campus is a community where various sectors of advanced industries (to include aerospace, defense, and homeland security, software engineering, cyber security, electronics, technology and information and advanced manufacturing) converge to collaborate on innovative ideas that promote technological advancement and ultimately, the creation of high skilled, high-paying jobs for the Pikes Peak region.

The mission of Catalyst Campus is simple: to stimulate job growth, drive Innovation and create community. The Campus will spur economic development in Colorado Springs and beyond through industry-driven skills training that creates a trained and ready workforce to help our region’s numerous technology partners grow, while providing shared resources and opportunities for technological advancement.

We’re harnessing the energy of collaboration. Join us.
Jeremy Shirley

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