8 Limbs of Yoga

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Saturday April 6, 2019
2:00 PM  - 05:00 PM
In the context of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, there are 8 steps leading to liberation, known as the‘Ashtanga Yoga System’ or ‘8 Limbs of Yoga’ (the word ‘ashta’ means ‘eight’ and ‘anga’ means ‘limb’). The word ‘yoga’ means to connect, unite or ‘yoke’. The thing we look to connect to, is the true Self, also known as the ‘divine essence’, ‘ultimate self’, or atman. You might also think of this as the soul. Perhaps consider that the word yoga could also mean lessening separation or entanglement. The thing we’re disentangling from is whatever stops us from feeling free, as the ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to attain moksha, meaning liberation or freedom.

Learn these 8 principles and how to apply them on and off the mat.

Yoga Studio Satya
1581 York Rd
colorado Springs CO 80918
United States
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