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A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibratory level. Discover the elements of this system, recognize how chakras imbalances are manifesting, and understand how chakras govern different parts of your being. The seven main chakra centers are aligned along the spinal column. If there are disturbances on any level, this shows in the chakra’s vitality level. Also each of the seven main chakras is their own intelligence center. This means that each chakra is not only associated with our physical health but also controls aspects connected to our emotional, mental and belief system. When one part of a chakra center is out of sync it may eventually effect its other parts and possibly its neighboring chakra. When a chakra center is out of balance it generally means that it is over-active or under-active; if this happens it is usually felt on a mental, emotional or physical level. Learn practices that help bring each Chakra into a state of balance and how to recognize which energy centers to address.

Crystal Bowl Chakra Tuning Meditation

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1581 York Rd
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United States
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