Connect with your Spirit Guides

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975 Garden of the Gods Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
United States

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You have a personal team of angels who desire to help and guide you in your life!

Are you paying attention to them?
If not, you are missing out on tremendous help, wisdom and joy that they can bring in to your life.

It’s time to Learn to Clearly Connect with your Spirit Guides.

In this workshop, you will:

Discover the ways your spirit guides are assisting you every day.
Pay more attention to their messages for clarity on your next steps in life.
Discover the 4 psychic gifts through which you communicate with your spirit-guides.
Receive direct messages from your guides!
Learn to Raise your Vibration so you are always energetically connected with Spirit.
PLUS, using this simple technique every day gives you a way to stay open and relaxed in any situation. We hope you’ll join us to feel the benefits of being connected with your personal team of angels.

Your angels will assist you to discover your purpose, make clear decisions, overcome fear, reach your goals, grow spiritually and experience more joy and abundance in daily living.

Facilitated by Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter, Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultants and co founders of In Colorado for June only!

Space is limited, REGISTER NOW.
Wayshowers College Melissa Kitto
Melissa Kitto is a spiritual consultant and educator specializing in communication with the Higher Spirit. Learn to communicate directly with your angels and find your life purpose at her website

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