CTU Presents 1-23-19 Private Property The Key to Peace and Prosperity

4435 N. Chestnut St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
United States

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CTU College of Business has partnered with The Bastiat Society and Mises Institute to provide a professional development opportunity for students, alumni, and community. Join us for the CTU Presents event on Wed, Jan 23rd from 4:00pm-5:45pm at Colorado Technical University 4435 N. Chestnut St, COS, CO 80907.

Ryan McMaken of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, in conjunction with the Woodford Foundation for Limited Government, will look at how private property is more than just a means to economic growth and prosperity. Private property also lessens political conflict, while improving social relations between men, women, adults, children, and all members of society.

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