Develop your Four Psychic Abilities

Celebration Metaphysical Center
975 Garden of the Gods Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
United States

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Suitable for Children

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Develop your 4 psychic gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Trance & Psychometry.

Master yourself and your inner communication.
With practice, you will become your own best psychic – able to trust yourself and make clear decisions for your best wealth, health and happiness. Your Intuition IS your best asset to navigate a successful life.

In the class you will EXPERIENCE a technique for each psychic gift:

Vision / Clairvoyance: See auras
Prophecy / Trance: Receive a dream of the future
Intuition / Clairaudience: Hear intuitive impressions
Feeling / Psychometry: Pick up impressions through the energy in your hands.
This class is for everyone!

Facilitated by Melissa Kitto & Richard Lassiter, Certified Spiritual Consultants with the Wayshowers College, and co-founders of In Colorado for June only!
Wayshowers College Melissa Kitto
Melissa Kitto is a spiritual consultant and educator specializing in communication with the Higher Spirit. Learn to communicate directly with your angels and find your life purpose at her website

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