Grief Workshop

1581 York Rd
colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

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Grief is a natural response to loss, ANY loss.
We all have grief: un-explored, un-answered and un-attended to.
Greif can leave us feeling confused, numb, empty, angry, sad, fearful & alone … so now what?

Join Amanda for this 3 hour workshop to unveil your grief and begin to create a clear path for moving forward.

“From the Yogic view all suffering comes from our attachment, and detachment is a necessary part of releasing the suffering of grief. There is a misconception that detachment means not loving, or a lack of caring. At its purest level, detachment is the acceptance that everything is impermanent: at one level or another, everything must end. If we are able to transform our relationship to grief in a way that the result is improved self-knowledge, then we can use that knowledge to establish a new identity. We identify ourselves through the persons and things we are attached to, and when we lose them, we lose part of who we are. Yet, we continue being, only that in a way that is not known to us.” ~ Antonio Sausys, Yoga for Grief Relief

Yoga Studio Satya
1581 York Rd
colorado Springs CO 80918
United States
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