Yoga Studio Satya

1581 York Rd
colorado Springs, CO 80918
United States

Hours of Operation

Yoga Studio Satya is a welcoming community for beginning and experienced yogis in Colorado Springs. We offer a variety of different yoga styles that are perfect for students of all skill levels, abilities and body types. Whether you're dealing with an injury or just feeling "not bendy", we have classes to support each individuals needs. Our offerings include yoga wall, restorative, gentle yoga, hot, vinyasa, pilates, nidra, meditation & Tai Chi, . At Yoga Studio Satya, we encourage you to live your yoga on and off the mat! Call us today at (719) 203-4525
Featured Events
Seeing Bodies - Intentional and Informative Adjustments/Assists
6/29/2019 02:00 PM
Yoga Studio Satya
colorado Springs, CO
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