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Esmeralda Victoria
1602 Mineola St
Colorado Springs CO 80915
United States
EZ Dog Running Mobile Esmeralda Victoria
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I have always been inspired to help dogs in several aspects. Especially the dogs who have had to endure hours within four walls until their owner gets home or until someone is able to walk them while their owners are busy at work. I reside in the state of Colorado, where the weather is quick to change. I had noticed my three dogs did not enjoy being out in the freezing temperatures and snow during the winter season. I had also noticed the difficulty my dogs were having walking on the scorching hot pavement when the hot sun was bright during the summer season. I had always thought that there had to be a way I could easily provide them with the exercise necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the crazy weather changes seen weekly and even daily in Colorado. That is when I thought about finding a fairly large space with the ability of transforming it into a climate-controlled area where the dogs would be able to walk or run at their own pace. Once that was something reachable for my own dogs, I began to think of all the dogs who could benefit from the same easily accessible self-paced exercise. That is where EZDogRunningMobile became a dream I needed to fulfill.
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